Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Notes From Our October Show

Our special guest judge Mike Maronna (Big Pete from The Adventures of Pete and Pete) was an excellent addition as hosts Jay and Victor took us through this GREAT lineup of films from around the world featuring a web series, zombies, late night horror hosts and wheelchair-bound bank robbers.

Our QnAs included a chat with Ryan Decker and Garrett Johnston, the writers/directors of Man With a Van, a web series about movers in New York.
We then invited brothers Kyle and Levi McCachen, writer and director resp. of Disabled and Dangerous, a Canadian heist comedy about three friends with ALS who are driven to desperate measures.

The night's Judges' Award went to Brains? by Giles McNeil and Paul Stephanus, a fantastic comedy about zombies in New Zealand who are terrorized by the unstoppable threat.... of humans!
Our Audience's Award was won by Disabled and Dangerous.

We closed the night, once again, with our Wanna Be a Star? film, which pairs one lucky audience member with a local filmmaker to create a short film based on an audience-generated title. This month's film was a horror flick, Chop House. It was written and directed by Iron Mule co-founder Victor Varnado, and starred audience member Natalie Shutler.

Come on over to Symphony Space on Sunday November 3rd at 7:30pm for silent comedies from Denmark, an out-of-work super sidekick, our next Wanna Be A Star? film So I Married a Canadian, and more!

Films from the October show included:

Zombies are threatened by an unstoppable threat. 
written by Giles McNeill and Paul Stephanus, directed by Giles McNeill

The Horrible Life of Dr. Ghoul
A late night horror show host is having a bad day. 
written and directed by Don Swaynos 

Disabled and Dangerous
Three people with ALS resort to drastic measures to save their local ALS Center. 
written by Barry Varga and Levi McCachen, directed by Kyle McCachen

Night of the Loving Dead
A zombie movie with more heart than brains. 
written by Anna Humphries, Regina Moriarty, and Toby Cohen, directed by Anna Humphries 

How To Steal a Bed
When a teenager tries to buy a bed for his grandmother, he learns some valuable life lessons. From Switzerland. 
written and directed by Cristian Sulser 

Guns For Cronuts and Other Pressing Issues Facing New Yorkers
Comedian and Late Night Basement host Chris Rose quizzes New Yorkers on the most pressing issues.
written and directed by Chris Rose

Man With a Van: The Commercial
A fake commercial for the best fly-by-night moving company in the city.
written and directed by Garrett Johnston

Chop House
Part of the "Wanna Be a Star?" contest, starring audience member Natalie Shutler! 
written and directed by Victor Varnado