Monday, October 8, 2012

Notes from our October 6th Screening

The October edition of the Iron Mule featured a strong lineup and a nearly-packed house. We began with a film from our friends at, a funny short about a new student confronting the unnavigable social strata of high school called Everything You Always Wanted To Know About High School... Next we showed a great animated piece by Michelle Brost about a lumberjack who has a passion for knitting, Leonard.
 The latest from Periods was a hit, an hilarious retelling of John Steinbeck's classic East of Eden *Full disclosure, none of us -- no, not even the guys at Periods-- has read it, we've only seen the film starring James Dean. But it was still hilarious and had more dick jokes than you could shake a stick at. Next, repeating Iron Mule offenders Ben and Chris Blaine had their new film What Time Do You Call This? featuring a drunken Brit wooing his disgruntled girlfriend with a little dirty dancing.

We then changed gears and screened an excellent stop-motion piece called Cowboy, Clone, Dust by Matt Christensen. It was a very imaginative and unassumingly profound film... Or at least our guest judge, best-selling author Myla Goldberg, thought so! But seriously, Matt's film was a highlight for all of us at Iron Mule.

Next we showed The Shuffle by Robert Nguyen, a film about a guy who can't muster-up enough courage to talk to the girl of his dreams, so he does what any normal, tax-paying everydude would do... He stalks her and has his friend steal her yoga mat. Hilarity ensues.

Before all the votes were counted we showed our latest Wanna Be a Star? film starring audience member Joshua Breeze. The title, selected by the audience at the August edition of Iron Mule, was In the Arms of the Angel and was directed by and co-starring Iron Mule newb, Ryan Decker. Moral of that story: don't buy dogs while intoxicated. Just don't. It's a uniquely terrible idea.

After all the ballots were counted and the judges conferred with the inimitable Ms. Goldberg the victors of the October screening series were Cowboy, Clone Dust giving Matt Christensen the audience award and Giovanni Autran of Periods took home the judges' award for East of Eden.

All in all it was a great night filled with great films and side-splitting humor. Come on down to 92YTriBeCa on November 3rd for the next installment in the Iron Mule canon to see the next installment in the Wanna Be a Star? (Invincible Antichrist Victory!!!) other original, strange and funny short films.