Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Notes from our August 4th Show.

The Iron Mule returned with guest judge, comedian Liam McEneaney, and a host of great comedies from around the world.
We started out with  ABOGADO AVOCADO from Austin, TX, an absurdly funny commercial for the tastiest law firm this side of the border. Directed by David Ward.
From Larry Ziegelman we showed LITTLE MAN OF STEEL, a great film about the difficulties of dating Superman. 

Who says Germans aren't funny? Other than Mark Twain and a host of other people? RETTE SICH WER KANN (Save Yourself) dispels all the rumors in this excellent film about a couple of hapless EMTs who can't seem to save a life without getting a speeding ticket, slapping an old lady or flipping their ambulance. Directed by Daniel Seideneder.

Our audience award went to COMPULSIVE LOVE, a great web series about a psychotic-romantic who can't help falling in love. Written by Adam Szymkowicz, directed by Kevan Tucker.

From comedian and host of the Brooklyn-based web talk show Late Night Basement, Chris Rose, we showed GUY FIERI'S RESTAURANT MOVES TO WILLIAMSBURG, a man-on-the-street video that asks hipsters their view on "factory farm-to-table cuisine."
CEDRIC AND HOPE, a medieval claymation from Australia about a peasant boy who tries to prove his mettle as a Crusader, took home our judge's award. Directed by Pierce Davison.

We closed the night with our Wanna Be A Star? film by local filmmaker and comedian Jeff Seal. Audience member Shlomo Gewirtz offers Jeff a little advice on the fairer sex in this very funny short.

 All photos by Tom Henning.