Friday, May 8, 2015

Notes from the May 3, 2015 Iron Mule Screening

The was a warm Spring evening this May 3rd and a happy crowd gathered at Symphony Space for a night of short comedy films.

Co-host Victor Varnado began the evening with a dramatic reading of the New Yorker’s pompous review of The Avengers: Age of Ultron, and then we introduced our guest judges: the team of Steve Rosenthal and Peggy O’Brien. They’re a team because the work together, but also because they’re married. Peggy is a writer and comedian and Steve is an editor.

Peggy O'Brien and Steve Rosenthal talk to Victor and Jay.
Steve showed us a “leaked” video of Marvel’s plans for phase four of comic book movies. It’s pretty amazing – take a look!

While our audience fantasized about the upcoming Marvel movie War Thunder: Thunder War, we showed the first film in the lineup: The Desk, written, directed by, and starring George Gaffney. The Desk tells the story of a concierge team in a swanky hotel that has to fight for their jobs when a new boss takes over.
You can see a trailer here.

George Gaffney talks about The Desk
George was at the screening and talked about how the project came about, what it's like to direct yourself in a movie, and how he hopes to expand the story of the characters in The Desk into other episodes.

The next block of films featured the Australian short Batman and Jimbo by Angus Mullane, and Yellow Brick Hell: Michelle, an episode of a webseries starring Rob Asaro and Matt Cohen, directed by Justyn T. Davis. Rob and Matt were at the screening and talked about how these episodes are based on true experiences in Rob’s life.

Rob Asaro and Matt Cohen of Yellow Brick Hell
Next up was Knights of the Long Table, written by Andrew Burlinson and Scott Kruse, directed by Andrew Burlinson. This movie, from LA, tells an age-old origin story in unexpected ways. Next we showed Woman Who Hates Plants by New York animator Morgan Miller.

The next block of films included, from the UK, Jonathan Brooks’ Glasshole,  about what really happened to Google Glass, and from Australia, Granny Smith, written by Julian Lucas and Jack White, and directed by Julian Lucas. This movie tells the story about a man who employs the ultimate excuse to get out of work and pays the price. Co-writer and co-star Jack White was in town from Australia for a wedding, and his entire rowdy family was in attendance. Jack talked about how the film came about and his plans for more.

Jack White representing the entire country of Australia
Our final film in the line up was Keith Bearden’s How to Get Rich in 13 East Steps, a unique, borderline surreal short shot in beautiful black and white 35mm film! We didn’t realize people could still do that, especially for a short! We spoke with Keith about credit card debt and what he’s up to next.

Director Keith Bearden talks with Victor and Jay
Then, while votes for audience favorite were being tallied, we presented the world premiere Applesauce, our latest “Wanna Be a Star” movie starring audience member Emma Kane and directed by Iron Mule co-host Jay Stern.

May's "Wanna Be a Star" winner Emma Kane announces the star of the June "Wanna Be a Star" movie.
Peggy and Steve then took the stage to announce the Judges and Audience favorites – both went to Granny Smith. It was a tough competition with a split judges’ vote, but in the end, this scrappy movie from Australia carried the day.

Jack White accepts his award on behalf of Australia.
Then it was off to our award-winning after party at Café Thalia for drinks and a fun hang with audience and filmmakers.

Join us for our next screening at Symphony Space on June 7th for another round of short comedy films!