Thursday, March 12, 2015

Notes from our March 1, 2015 Screening

It was a snowy night at the March 1st Iron Mule screening, but the crowd was out in full for a new lineup of short comedy films.
The Iron Mule audience, ready for some short comedy films
It was a snowy night, and the Leonard Nimoy Thalia was marking the passing of its great benefactor.
Hosts Jay Stern and Victor Varnado were joined by guest judges Eleanor Kagan and Kseniya Yarosh of the Bonnie and Maude podcast, a monthly podcast that examines film and television from a femme-centric perspective.

Kseniya and Eleanor talk about the kinds of movies they like, good and bad,
Our first movie of the night was That’s Not Mine by John Tuccillo, Jr. about a teen confronted by his parents once they find drugs in his room. They’re not his, but who they belong to is a bit of a surprise.

Next up was Herminio Cardiel’s Runner, a movie from Spain about a man, a woman, and some unexpected news.

Rounding out the block was Liz Rizzo’s gamer/thriller comedy Zero Hour: Bad Call.  Liz and one of the stars of the film, Kerry Hite, were in town from Los Angeles for the screening, and they were there for a brief Q&A following the film.

Liz Rizzo and Kerry Hite talk about their movie and what they're working on next.
The next block started with another movie from Spain, Alvaro Martín’s Estocolmo, about a child who’s father is in a unique line of work. Following this was Michael Goldberg’s What’s Eating Dad, which chronicles the uncomfortable experience of what it's like to meet your boyfriend's family for the first time. 

Michael Goldberg and producer David Chan were at the screening to talk about their film, as well as most of the cast.

Victor and Jay with Michael Goldberg, David Chan, and the What's Eating Dad? cast.
Our last film of the night was Trust Me I’m a Lifeguard, written by and co-starring Christian Keiber and Tyler Hollinger and directed by Tony Glazer. Tony Hollinger and one of the stars and producers of the movie, Bree Michael Warner were there to talk about the movie, and how you can get eager cooperation and support to make a film from a local community outside of NYC or LA.

Tyler Hollinger, Jay, Victor, and Bree Michael Warner
The last movie of the night was Health Food Cult, our "Wanna Be a Star" film starring David Stein, who was randomly chosen from the audience at the February Iron Mule to star in his own movie. The movie was written and directed by Darren Santa Maria.

Victor and Jay with Darren Santa Maria and David Stein
Following Health Food Cult, Elanor and Kseniya returned to the stage to announce this month's audience and judges' awards, both of which went to What's Eating Dad?

Then it was off to our after party at Cafe Thalia, where much mingling and fun was had by all.

Thanks to all of you who made it out, and we'll see you again at the April 5th Iron Mule!