Sunday, January 6, 2013

January's Show

Happy New Year! We kicked off 2013 with a great show featuring new films by some Iron Mule favorites and a few new faces.

The night began with a film from our friends at A hapless boyfriend struggles to listen to his girlfriend and not ogle a bar filled with porn stars in "An Evening With Mike & Jessica at the King's Head Inn," directed by David Tamkin.

Next we showed a fantastic, stop-motion film about a man coming to a nudist colony to care for his dying mother, along with a bunch of other surrealistic stuff. Everybody loved it! ("Oh Willy..." by Emma de Swaef and Marc James Roels)

From Erich Eilenberger came "Stockholm," the story of a radical freegan who kidnaps a vapid, LA celebutante in order to brainwash her to join his cause, but it all goes sour over steak and cake.

Then from Australia, we showed Burleigh Smith's "Thing My Father Never Taught Me," a sweet film about a father imparting a little wisdom about the fairer sex to his three-year old son.

Kevin Maher shared his new web series, "Andrew 12-Sided Dice Clay," which featured the fanboy comedian's routines about sex, droids and hobbits. A must-see for all fans of stand-up and cylons.

Our judge's award went to Eric Hendricks for his found-footage tale of a ship lost at sea ("Sirens of the Past"). And Ryan Arey's story of a man who's GPS knows a more than just how to get home took the audience's choice award ("What Drugs Are You Looking For?")

We closed the night with Victor Varnado's Wanna Be a Star? video, "Alan Ladd Syndrome,"starring Mary Beth Coudal doing her best to save her boyfriend from the symptoms of this horrific, under-publicized condition.

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  1. It is cool that you named your series after The Iron Mule. It would be awesome though if you would mention the name of the star in this short in your about us section, namely Al St. John who was a huge star back then but today he is somewhat forgotten..mainly because people tend to ignore him, eh hem, as well as the fact that most of his greatest work is still lost.
    Anyway..thumbs up, and if you want to get to know some of Al's work you can visit the youtube that I run. It is dedicated to his films, from his days as a silent clown and all the way through to the end as one of the most beloved western sidekicks.He is if not the single most popular sidekick at least in the top 3. During his career, from 1912 to 1952, he worked in some 350 films, as everything from stuntman,star,writer,producer and director.