Monday, February 4, 2013

Another sold out night at the 92Y TriBeCa! The February Iron Mule was a good time had by all. Jay and Victor kicked off the evening with updates on their upcoming feature films "The Realm of LARP" and "The Adventures of Paul and Marian. "Our guest judge, Michael Kupperman,  gave a great, illustrated presentation featuring excerpts from his new book "Tales Designed To Thrizzle Vol 2."

The film program began with an entry from our friends at, "Money Shot" featuring the misadventures of an Ebay-er with a presumably magic camera that has the power to duplicate whatever it shoots.

Next we showed a hilarious and expertly shot film from Spain called "Division Azul" by Sergi Marti. In order to conquer Lenigrad, Hitler orders two Spanish soldiers to parachute behind enemy lines, but the plan backfires when their chutes get stuck in the trees.

From Peter Alton we screened "And When He Died All He Left Us Was Alone"a film about two sisters forced to compete for their late father's inheritance... With a fight to the death.

The Audience choice Award went to Josh & Jason Diamond's "Nana," featuring a steamy moment of lucidity from a seemingly senile granny as she reflects upon a V Day gangbang.

Our Judge's award went to "A Day's Messing" directed by and starring Jeff Seal. It was a hilarious, silent comedy featuring a Buster Keaton-esque bike messenger doing his best to deliver his "triple rush" package and get the girl (Carlen Altman cameo alert) while fighting off commuters, cabbies and a gypsy sorceress.

We finished the night with our monthly series, "Wanna Be A Star?" which features one lucky member of last month's audience and a title by the first person to scream a suggestion. This month's edition was directed by Mary Beth Coudal and starring Michael Martin and Jay Fortunato called "Spork Wars." A traveling salesman stops into a diner to share with the owner his latest invention and a secret that ties the two men together in a bond as unbreakable as spoon and fork in this funny tale revolving around the spork.

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